Hungering for the Word

Finding an African who is eager to learn from God’s Word or acquire even a small amount of education is an easy task.  Many of the people we work with express a heart-felt desire to grow closer to the Lord, learn to read, learn a trade, or work toward a better future for their children.  However, they are stymied by the lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6) available in their communities.  


Did you know that there are over 200 million Christians in Africa who don’t have their own Bible?  Many of these people can actually read English, but still are unable to access or afford their own Bible.  In fact, many pastors in Africa don’t even have an entire Bible!  We are so blessed, as Americans, to have multiple copies of different translations.

This problem extends to the schoolroom.  While there are now many community schools scattered throughout Africa, many of these… probably most of them… have few (if any) textbooks or basic classroom supplies such as paper, pencils, alphabet charts, maps, etc.  Many teachers are enthusiastic about their work but have little training and no resources for their students.  There is a growing number of Christian teachers and teachers with moral/Christian leanings who would love to educate their students using a Biblical worldview.  How incredible would that be?  To raise up a generation in Africa that could think God’s thoughts after him (Deuteronomy 6:5-7)?  Who long to live as a reflection of Christ and to raise their children to do the same?

In 2009, through In Touch Mission International and our own C-2-3 Project, we brought in a 40’ container of Bibles, discipleship materials, textbooks, classroom supplies, etc. Some of these materials were new, but many of them were very serviceable second hand items from homes, schools, and churches around the United States.  Over the following two years we distributed the materials and used them to train pastors, teachers, parents, and church leaders to disciple their children to Christ through education.


This project was so successful in both its effectiveness and cost efficiency (as opposed to bringing the materials up by the pick-up load from South Africa like we used to), that we’d like to do it again!

Help us bring God’s Word, discipleship materials, textbooks, and classroom supplies to Africa.


There has never been a better time to reach this continent for Christ!

You can help us help God’s people!

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We are now collecting new and second hand materials for our Container Project.  We are specifically looking for Bibles, Christian discipleship materials, textbooks, classroom supplies and aids, teacher guides, and stationary supplies.  These materials will be distributed to churches and schools throughout Africa (we may have some exciting openings for discipleship with these books in South Sudan as well!)

If you have extra Bibles that you are no longer using, leftover home-school materials or classroom supplies, or know a Christian School circulating out old materials, get them to us!  We would love to take them to Africa. There are Christians waiting to cherish God’s written Word. Christian discipleship materials are also very helpful.


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