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What is the C-2-3 Project?

The name “C-2-3” comes from Colossians 2:3, which recognizes that it is in Christ that all the treasures of knowledge and wisdom can be found.  If the African people can become true disciples of Christ from childhood, these treasures will be manifest in their culture, making Africa a dynamic reflection of God’s love, grace, and provision.  The C-2-3 Project is a multi faceted discipleship and education initiative that equips the Africans to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.


Cultural transformation has always been through the up-and-coming generation.  That is why Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” (Matthew 19:14)  


Through Christ-centered education the fullness of the treasures of knowledge in Christ can be manifest in Africa. This will prepare God’s people to be thoroughly equipped for every good work, and enable them to prosper as effective, productive members of God’s kingdom

We are working to provide discipleship through educational reform and development.  There are two key focus areas. One is to work to further train practicing teachers in Christian Education.  Secondly we are working to supply Christian discipleship and education material to community and private schools, equipping teachers to educate God’s children.

Our teacher training seminars are excellent opportunities for both discipleship and evangelism as we invite all the local teachers to attend.  During these seminars we focus on Christian principles and look at the basic foundations of education.  By looking at the Scriptures, we build an understanding of the Christian worldview and its conflict with opposing worldviews.  We then show the teachers how to build a Biblical worldview in education, and instill a love of Christ in their students.  We also deal with practical topics such as how to run a rural school, how to teach basic principles in a variety of subjects, and how to build rudimentary skills in young students.


Many schools have no chalkboards, no paper, often no building, and, worst of all, precious few Bibles and textbooks.  To compound the problem, the textbooks they do have are thoroughly humanistic, denying the truth of basic Biblical principles.  We are working to remedy this problem through our Container Project and our Curriculum Development Project.  


Our Container Project works to supply the immediate needs of teachers by giving them second hand Christian Textbooks, Bibles, and teaching aids.  These precious books and stationary items enable them to supplement the existing curriculum  and teach the Christian worldview.  


For a long term, lasting solution, we are working with successful Christian schools like Excellence Christian Academy in Zambia  to develop a Christian curriculum that is  thoroughly Biblical and relevant to the African challenges and culture.    

Education and Discipleship Materials

Teacher training is desperately needed in Africa, especially training that is Christ-centered and applicable to the African context.  While many countries have taken visible steps toward making education more readily available to their people, the average level of teacher training is deplorable. Often, a teacher will be a recent graduate from the school they are assigned to, have less than one year of training, and be equipped with literally nothing but a hut and a few log benches.  With so little training and so few materials, they lack the ability and experience to develop both rudimentary skills in the very young children, and reasoning skills in the older students.  Teachers are usually forced to try to adapt a Western or Asian curriculum to an African “classroom”:

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