Container Project 2009

Our first Container Project was an incredible success!  The Lord blessed us in so many ways from the initial idea to the delivery and on through the distribution. (Read more about the Arrival of the Container).  We took the precious Bibles, discipleship materials, textbooks, and classroom supplies all over Zambia.  Many of them went to pastors and teachers from surrounding African countries, further broadening the impact of this project.  We were also able to give theological texts and Bibles to Pro Christo Global Mission for their discipleship and missions training programs.  A few books go a long way when they’re used to train African missionaries to reach out to their own communities. Thanks to the Container Project we were able to give many African pastors more than a few books!

We trained teachers and distributed curriculum and classroom supplies in Mufulira, Kabwe, Chipata, and many rural villages.  Most of the time African schools have bare walls and little (if any) curricula or supplies (even pencils and paper!)  Arriving with Christian teacher training, books, and school materials is a life-changing blessing for teachers and students around Zambia.

The Lord is using the Container Projects to reach His people in Africa through education.  Thank you for your prayers and support throughout this project.  

We are currently gathering materials and shipping funds for another Container Project!  If you would like to partner with us please get in touch with us soon!

Thank you for your prayers over the two years, as we’ve carried out the Container Project. It was everything we dreamed it would be and more. Sooo…. we’re planning to do another one in a year or so! If you hear of any Christian schools looking to offload old curriculum, churches replacing older Bibles, VBS groups looking for a fun project to sponsor, or just looking to unload your bookshelf of discipleship materials, please contact us and feel free to share our information with others! The container was such a productive and efficient means of procuring needed discipleship and training materials, not to mention Bibles. We’re praying for a repeat opportunity.
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